Aquaponics Water Tanks / Water Totes in Kingston, Ontario

These heavy plastic tanks are popular with our customers, and we bring them in from our suppliers whenever we can find them. Many of them feature resealable lids or tops, so you can store items in them or keep items inside from getting out. Made of heavy food-grade plastic, they were originally used to transport food or beverages, and have been cleaned and are ready to use.

Please keep in mind -- NONE OF OUR STAFF KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT AQUAPONICS, but our customers have frequently mentioned how great these containers are for use in their projects when buying these at our store. These plastic totes are great for many purposes, but please do your own research and make sure they're right for you.

Great for use as :
- Water storage
- Rain barrels
- Food storage
- Aquaponics gardening and fish growing projects

1000 Liter Plastic Container 1000 Liter Plastic Container 1000 Liter Plastic Container
One large resealable screw-top opening on top surface
Perfect for water storage, or aquaponics gardening projects!


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